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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,
I would first of all like to personally thank you for writing the God Delusion, it is one of the greatest pieces of work I have ever read and has helped me stand strong despite the criticism I received from family and friends alike. I live in a town that is heavy with Roman Catholicism and as an Atheist I have been subject to such intolerance even in my High School (in which I am a senior). It is such a shame that my classmates who are all religious will be beg for my help, and then belittle me because I do not believe. I have been yelled at by my peers, called a “Heathen, Heretic and Agent of the Devil” as well as ridiculed for having The God Delusion with me during the day. Thanks to your work I have been able to fight the forces of injustice, and try to get people to at the very least understand that being an Atheist does not make someone amoral, or evil; your book has helped me to continue to prove to them that not believing something does not make one a bad person. It is tough, but knowing that a scholar (which I would like to consider myself) is not alone is such a relief, and I take great solace in the fact that such a community of intelligent men and women exists.

Henry Johnston, RI , USA

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