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Jan 30, 2013

dear Mr Dawkins

I am a 15 year, I live in Australia, have Catholic parents and go to a Catholic school. But even since an early sge I had had doubts about my religion. I couldn't beleive in the suposed miracals Jesus proformed or many stories of the Bible I was meant to take as the word of God.

A year or so ago I confide in my father the problems I saw with my faith, and to my suprise my dad had read your book, The God Delusion, along with others and had rejected his faith. He advised me to read your book and I did. After only the first chapter I saw that it was alright to abandon my faith, not only alright but the reasonable thing to do.

After reading The God Delusion I watched many of your interveiws and documentaries on the internet along with those of Christopher Hitchens and Carl Sagon.

I wish to thank you for changing my life and showing my that it's not only ok to leave my religion but the sane thing to do. I further wish to thank you for opening my mind and introducing me to the scientific method.

In conclusion thank you for all you have done, you are my idol, and I hope you keep doing what you do for many years to come.

Please respond.

Yours sincerely, your Aussie fan,


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