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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Prof Dawkins,

I am an Atheist !

I am an Indian born in a Hindu family. My mother is as orthodox a
Hindu as any you would ever meet and I grew up praying to God
regularly. Families of some of my childhood friends were also deeply
religious. As a result i grew up in an environment where faith in the
Hindu God(s) (we have a bunch of them) was the highest virtue. All the
grown ups around me spent a significant amount of resources on various
religious rituals.

I am 28 years old now and, like many others from my country, came to
USA for my PhD in Engineering. Even as a kid, i found the idea that
“God listens to prayers” implausible, though I would never dare say
it. During my high school days, there were some occasions when I
almost challenged a religious preacher during his discourses to prove
that there is god, but i did not have the guts ( I must have been
13-14 years old then). It was never easy to discuss religion with any
of my friends since people are so easily offended. I turned to the
next best thing, Internet ! I stumbled upon some debates featuring Sam
Harris, C Hitchens and you on youtube. I have seen every interview and
debate involving either you, Harris or Hitchens available on youtube
and finally bought my copy of God Delusion.

Post God Delusion, I have no problems in asserting that i am an
atheist in any social group. I thoroughly enjoyed your simple
arguments for natural selection and I find the fact that there is no
God very liberating ! Though I do have the difficult task of
confronting my orthodox mother on this issue in near future.

Nevertheless, Thank you for writing this book and keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
Kishor Bhalerao

PS: PG Wodehouse and Douglas Adams are my favorite authors too.

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