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Jan 30, 2013

If this letter by any chance happened to be read by Prof. Dawkins himself (I would be deeply honored if he did), I would like to say the following to him.

Thank you Sir. I thank you not for brainwashing me, not for leading me blindly into a skepticism and rejection of religion, but rather for intriguing me and giving me a sense of belonging, a sense that I was not alone, that I was not a heretic. Thank you for helping me realize the doubt deep inside me, a doubt I had suppressed for as long as I can remember, was not in fact wrong, disrespectful and blasphemous, but rather that it was rational and perfectly acceptable to not believe. Thank you for helping me realize that the sciences and understanding of the universe I was so profoundly drawn to and interested in, were not contradictory or blasphemous. Thank you for raising my consciousness, thank you for helping me use my own mind and intellect to examine the untruths I had been taught. Knowledge is powerful and important, the time when religion controlled, manipulated and suppressed it is over.

Feel free to post the above paragraph anywhere on the website, I would be thrilled if I happened to read it there.

Together in Science,

Jahn Roux

Software Developer


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