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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I didn't have the misfortune of having an overly religious upbringing. My mom is a science teacher, and she taught me that the Bible is fallible and that nobody really knows what God wants. I have since discovered that God is man's invention, but I kept those beliefs to myself out of fear of ostracism. After reading The God Delusion, I've become Texas' most militant atheist (If anyone wants to dispute my title, I'll challenge them to a duel!). I've been handing out flyers for weeks now (On one memorable occasion- at the Church of Latter Day Saints) and I've converted my siblings and my friends.

I'm not one of those timid atheists, and I don't think anyone should be timid about rejecting mass delusion. I'm also very impressed with your Out Campaign. I should get a t-shirt…

Chelsea Upton
Texas' Most Militant Atheist (Undisputed)

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