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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

Coming from a family that has a hypocritical view of religion I originally believed in i found myself questioning what ever sort of faith i had. My family seems to believe in Christianity yet also spiritualism and what i like to call the “nice, watered down” parts of religion that we hear about.

I watched The Root of all Evil, The Enemies of Reason and have a copy of The God Delusion which all lead me to thinking and I realised how much Science has done for us and the horrors of the Bible which seem to be covered up.
I purchased a copy of the Origins of Species after watching your fascinating series on the Genius of Charles Darwin as I don't know much about evolution but i want to learn (My schools never wanted me to though).

My family have chosen to ignore the fact i am an atheist and have told me I will get over it in the future however they only truly confront me after I hear some of my younger relatives talk religious “truth”. I like to inform them of the evil and cruelty in the bible but I am forcibly told to be quiet because creationism is “nice” and religion is true. My requests of not wanting a religious Christian wedding or burial have been laughed at, in fact if i died before my parents they admitted they would have a Vicar and hymns despite it being against my wishes.

I admire your work Professor and would like to thank you for opening my eyes. Unlike the rest of my family and many others in this world I no longer pick and choose my favourite parts of an absurd, horrible faith that demands i love and fear a super-natural being (I would rather love and fear a Dominatrix, at least she wouldn't threaten me with hell fire!)
Besides if their really is such thing as hell i will definitely be going as I have had sex before marriage, worked many Sundays, barely gone to church (apart from a couple of weddings and christenings), have rejected all religion, have no problems with homosexuality…….. and the list can go on.

I look forward to your next piece of work and hope to one day meet you in person, that way i can say thank you properly.

Adam Clarke
Age 23

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