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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dawkins Foundation,

My conversion to an atheist was of a very strange nature, but the God Delusion had the most impact upon it. Three years ago my mother died of alcoholic liver disease. All through the mourning period I was firm and adamant that she had not just vanished into the air and that her soul lived on in another plane, so to speak. I would be told by some that it would be the best to just 'let her go’, but I would not waver because I was convinced or should I say 'I KNEW’ that she was still out there. I lay with this terrible burden for months on end, breaking down at strange points during the day and having to run to the toilets to compose myself.

It wasn’t until I watched Derren Brown on Channel 4 and became interested in his mind tricks that I decided to purchase his book 'Tricks of the mind’. It was then that I first heard of 'The God Delusion’ and how it had changed his whole perspective on religion and spirituality for he dismisses them in his own chapters with 'cold reading’. So, now considering myself an agnostic I went to the book shop and purchased a copy of 'The God Delusion’. At first I was a struggling over the seventy letter words within it, but once I dug out a dictionary I understood that these were the only words someone could use for such a awesome eye-opener such as Evolution. I, like too many, had a complete misconception of what evolution was, apart from us 'coming from apes’, so when I finally grasped what it was, it filled me with joy, hope, relief and thankfully closure on the past.

I can’t really put into words how the book changed my life, because there are none. Mr. Dawkins, you have opened me up to a world that I never even knew about. You have inspired me to 'look to the earth’, rather than the heavens and no amount of words can thank you for this. Please never retire from being a truly reasonable, down to earth guy!

All the best,

Scott Johnston

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