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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I was raised in a Muslim family, in Bahrain. I used to fast in Ramadan, pray to Allah whenever I had the oppurtunity, I was completely blind and when I look now, my life would seem utterely pointless.

I have had my doubts about God and religion since I was only 14 and I grew more doubtful ever since then, I just couldn't fully absorb the idea of God… I found it highly unlikely and it just didn't seem possible to me that such a thing could exist.

My dis-belief in God couldn't be defended so I just had to keep quite it about it. Up until I found a person online that suggested that I buy your books particurly 'The God Delusion'. I had trouble finding any of books because my country didn't allow such books to be sold.

After a few months, I asked my brother who was going on vacation to the UK to buy the book for me, and he did.

All I want to do is thank you, this book has helped me soo much and gave me a whole new propective on life and the way I think andthe way I live my life, I can't thank you enough.

Although I have lost many friends(not really my friends if they didn't respect my beliefs)and respect from certain family memebers because my belief, and I honestly don't care, I consider my previous life worthless to my current one.

I'm now 15 years old and a strong atheist, and I could defend my beliefs or disbeliefs to whomever.
Best wishs to you proffesser Dawkins,

-An Atheist from the middle-east.

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