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Jan 30, 2013

I feel as if it is time for me to come out and say it in a public fashion: I have given up on religion and this “God Delusion.”

I was born as the son of a pastor and lived a very religious life. I taught in Sunday School, fed the homeless and even helped to build churches in Mexico. I was a staunch defender of my faith and thought my faith was rock solid. However, soon after arriving at my college in upstate New York, I began to open my mind to new types of experiences. It was always a persistant thought in the back of my mind to read your book. My dad would certainly not be pleased if he caught me with it. But life in college offered me this opportunity to experiment new things.

So when I was in town I bought your book. Mocking it at first, but as I read on I felt a change in me. My faith perhaps was not as solid as I thought it was. Every argument you made was very compelling. Soon I found myself succumbing to logic, I am a logical person after all. The hold on my faith was loosening and honestly, I think what kept me believing so long was the presence of my father. Thank you Mr. Dawkins for giving me the tool I needed to rescind my faith and accept atheism. I can still be the same person I was, doing the things I like such as feeding the homeless and helping people in need. You don't have to believe in God to live a saintly life. Thanks again for giving me this public forum to express myself and to finally get this off my chest, a weight has been lifted off of my body.

I. Kim

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