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Jan 30, 2013

Hello Dr. Dawkins,

Please add one more Mexican convert to your resume; I was raised in a Roman Catholic town in northern Mexico, but fortunately my parents never encouraged us to go to church or to follow the catholic leaders word by word destination, they’ve always said (and sill do) "Live your life according to moral principles, but not the ones the church gives you, but the ones Reason gives you, and most of all, be happy, that’s why we are here for, to be happy". The philanthropic work my parents do is thru a Secular organization, food banks and education grants and scholarships, and as for my wife and I, we have an Animal Rescue organization to help those who can’t speak, mostly dogs, cats and horses.

I have followed every catholic protocol regarding my life, I was baptized, I had my First Communion, My Confirmation and a Catholic Wedding, but it was only for social and cultural reasons, not religious, and they were all good excuses to party haha!.

I am a chemical engineer and I do strongly believe there is no god, I believe in evolution, not because some lecturer, but because the evidence is there to prove Darwin was right, and god is only an invention of the mind, a silly dream of many that might bring hope to some, but it certainly doesn’t make it true.

Life’s too short to spend it feeling guilty for something I didn’t do and to have to adore and explain my actions to something (god) that does not exist.

My regards to you and keep up the good work, we care much for your work and ideas, and I can’t wait to read your next book.


Charlie F., Cancun, Mexico


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