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Jan 30, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

You have literally saved my life. I was brought up in a Roman Catholic church and battled with it my entire life. I could not digest any of the teachings or certain “values” (such as the opposition to homosexuality) that had been stuffed down my throat for so long. I had no where to turn because I thought so much differently than everyone around me and the feeling of supression took it's course. I became depressed and suicidal due to the fact that the world around me seemed completely insane and no one could answer any of the questions that I had, regarding life and religion. Then I read your book. I see now that I wasn't crazy for thinking differently; I was thinking rationally. I see now that no one could answer my questions because they had no answers and that it's insane to believe in something false, it was not I who was mentally challenged. So I just needed to thank you for your indirect help in changing my life. I am a philosophy student and a HUGE fan of yours and I cannot wait for your next book.

All the best,

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