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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,

I grew up being exposed to a conservative protestant church and never felt comfortable with many aspects of a personal god, especially how it relates to the psychological effect belief has. Years later, I even flirted with Catholicism when I was married. I could never go through with it though. After considering myself agnostic most of my life and after experimenting with “new age” spirituality for a few years I watched a documentary by another huge fan of yours, Bill Maher. I've read The God Delusion and seen a few of your own documentaries since then. The more evidence I was exposed to, the more compelling and /painfully /obvious the argument was. I've made other decisions in my life that had a liberating effect, but none of those can even hold a candle to my perspective as an atheist. The new sense of fascination of life, optimism and thirst for knowledge is inspiring to put it mildly. Suddenly I am free from the incessant anxiety that is par for the course for religion as I experienced it.

Thank you,


P.S. As a light hearted side note I recall reading an news article earlier this year about how Ted Haggart publicly admitted that he had sex with another man. Not surprising, especially when you consider how effeminate he was when you debated him in The Root of All Evil.

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