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Jan 30, 2013

I stopped going to Church in my teens because it didn't make sense to me, but when my grandmother died I went back because I wanted some connection to her. I'm not even sure how much I believed the church had some magic phone line to her and how much the ritual of it just reminded me of going to church with her as a child…

I do know that despite going back to church I had no interest in taking my direction from the Bible. It just didn't overlap with my life. I couldn't empathise with the characters.

Over time I drifted away, and oddly the final straw for me was attending a Christan Youth Work conference. I looked around and realised that I did not have anything in common with the people around me.

I recently read The God Delusion and I found it helped to crystalise the problems I had not been able to articulate clearly. So, thank you!


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