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Jan 30, 2013


My story is probably very typical of many others.

I was brought up in the Catholic faith but often had doubts. I consequently felt very guilty about this (suprise, suprise) and thought I must be lacking in some way. Anyway, the doubts grew stronger over the last 2 or 3 years as I started to question the bible, its origin and its somewhat dodgy morality. I think I heard you on the Simon Mayo radio show on BBC FiveLive and thought you made a lot of sense. A few months later I bought TGD in Sainsburys and, I swear, I was convinced after the first 2 chapters. I cannot tell you how liberating this has been for me to finally know the truth. I can now live this life, free from the destructive catholic guilt that has plagued me for years.

My wife has always been more spiritual than me and she has taken some convincing but, armed with the facts, I have managed to convert her from a theist to a pantheist. I have not given up hope on a full conversion to atheism in time. However, my son, who is 16 yrs old is openly atheist and proud of it (although not as proud as I am of him)

My conversion to atheism has coincided, perhaps not suprisingly, with a complete rejection of spiritualism, such as a belief in ghosts and the paranormal. The result is a total absence of fear of these things which is wonderful.

Thank you Richard, you have genuinely changed my life forever.

Simon O.


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