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Jan 30, 2013


As of February 2009, I thought enough is enough and decided to put my reasoning and rationality before my superstitious beliefs. I wouldn't say I became an atheist (emphasis on became), as I realized, I have been an atheist all along. The God Delusion was you, speaking my mind, through your book. I remember exclaiming “exactly!”,”Why didn't someone say this out loud before?”. It would be a gross understatement to say that you freed my mind.

I was raised an orthodox Hindu in the Indian city of Madras. Until December last year I didn't even know your name. I read about you in a film magazine in India which had my favorite actor (Kamal Haasan) in the cover and he talked about God Delusion. He is perhaps the only Indian celebrity to openly come out as an atheist. The way he spoke so highly of your book raised my interest and I bought The God Delusion. The best Investment I ever made.

Fortunately for me, the transition was easier, unlike my American friends. My parents appreciated my independent thinking, my relatives didn't seem to mind and my friends really didn't care. Three months after I opened God Delusion, I have run out of your books and youtube videos. Eagerly awaiting The Greatest Show.

Rock on Richard.


P.S. The Magazine that led me and several other Indian friends from south to God Delusion.

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