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Jan 30, 2013

Hello I am Craig from the uk

I have been brought up in a catholic family baptised, holy communion the lot. I was a strong catholic believer I had been to Rome to the Vatican I watched the pope speak. however all my life I always was suspicious of catholism I was never to sure but when I asked the question I got brief poor answers such as “it just is” “you cant ask that” now aged 17, my friend a strong atheist had encouraged me to read god delusion and other books and always was critical of my religion and we would often embark in arguments and when I couldn’t give him valid answers it made me really ask the questions. I began watching videos of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris on You tube and slowly I became more after watching The God Delusion Religion the root of all Evil the channel 4 documentary on you tube then I decided yes ill do it, I ordered The God Delusion I read it and I was no longer convinced of the word of the bible and its inhuman teachings however at first I feared and felt guilty for no longer believing I had been indoctrinated so much. However thanks to Dawkins, Hitchens and friends I have seen logic and am now a proud atheist .

thank you Richard Dawkins


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