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Jan 30, 2013

-Professor Dawkins,

First, I'd like to thank you for, if you will, spreading the word.
Second, I've been an Atheist since birth. I was raised by an Atheist family, for which I am thankful. I have also always been an openly Atheist person, and have shown numerous ultra christians that we (that is Atheists) aren't a bunch of savage, man eating, criminals, but regular folks.
The reason I write to thank you is not for encouraging my Atheism (although you have encouraged my “militancy” as it were) and drawing it into the open, or for converting me to the logical option, but instead for providing a light for Atheist like myself and a few other folks I know. A means by which we can affirm and see that, we are not the only non-believers. I also write to thank you from saving me from what I would call radical atheism. The solid, full-hardy and crazy (although not the craziest) “belief” (perhaps conviction is a better word?) that god doesn't, cannot, and never will exist. If there is no way to absolutely disprove something than it is illogical to dismiss entirely the possibility. How ever, when there is not the slightest scarp of evidence to support that supposed “fact” it is logical to assume that it is not a fact, but a fiction and not applicable to reality.
Thank you.

-Daniel, 15, USA

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