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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard

I was bought your book "The god delusion" by my father as a present. He was a Christian and I was christened and confirmed. I then fell into the blind faith trap for a couple of years but failed to see the logic that was behind the fictional birthdate of the so-called Jesus Christ being fixed, yet his crucifixion was always moved around. Seemed rather fishy to me. I was left with the belief that I was born a sinner and I feel it affected my youth and led me to some strange conclusions, including looking at paganism. I am so glad that I quickly saw the scientific light. I then followed the path of rational and reasoned thought. The 'God Delusion’ set me from any latent feelings of guilt I had and for that Prof Dawkins I will be always grateful. I have become a 'bright’ as I believe 'Atheist’ to be a term coined by religion. If mankind is to move forward and cope with the difficulties that inevitably lie ahead of the human race then we should give religions a wide birth, they all promise a better existence after this one. A false hope! This is where we belong and if this is all there is, then we must create 'heaven’ here not wait for it to magically come to us when we die.

Charles Westerman

South of England


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