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Jan 30, 2013

I thought l was alone.But now l've found you. Richard, trully l have a story to tell the world and l know through you the world would hear me.
I'm an African.l was a victim of child neglect when my mother divorced with my father. I was only 6 yearsand my mother left me with my father.At age 11, my father died and l became almost an orphan because my mother never bothered about me after the divorce. Both my father and my mother were staunch christians and l was baptised into the E.M.E Zion church…………..My story continues! But now through my Jamaican caretaker, i'm a graduate with a bachelor degree in biology. I'm now a strong atheist, a naturalist, a writer and a reggae musician. I actually want to put my philosophy into music.I became atheist at age 22. My first book is ready for publishing, entitled “THE ABANDONED MEDICINE.” This follows my six-month intensive research into the criminalised natural plant,the indian hemp. I'm 32 and single. I strongly wish to re-locate to a place where l can find some of my people becuz l feel lonely here in Africa simply becuz l don't believe in “A GOD OF SLAVERY”. But with you , l'm not alone.

Marc Donna, Ghana- West Africa.

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