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Jan 30, 2013

I realized that god doesn't exist when I started reading The God delusion. You're mazing Richard, the simplicity you talk about god is amazing! You show us in a simple way, what we couldn't see behind the “misteries of faith”, that were created by men to impose fear and ignorance.
I'm from Brazil, and here in my country almost everyone believes in something, it's like a rule that MUST be followed.When I say I am an atheist, most of the people laugh at me. Firstly I used to feel very alone, but I met my girlfriend, she's a very clarified person, she has a brain and she uses it, so she doesn't believe in anything supernatural or unreal. Then I enjoyed the Brazilian Society of Skeptical and Rationalists. Now I don´t feel alone anymore. I think that when we're very ahead of our time we tend to feel alone, but we have to learn with this feeling and go on trying to tell to more and more people the truth! I'm intelligent, i have brain, i use it, so i don't believe.
Thank you Richard Dawkins! You let me know there's a beautiful world outside the church's walls!

Luis Felipe Ferreira Baquedano


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