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Jan 30, 2013


I was raised as a catholic, daughter of a strongly catholic mother and a converted catholic father who converted to marry my mother. I grew up sceptical. I sang in the Children's Choir as the highest soprano of the lot; I had confirmation without caring much. Yes, I declared I was a catholic, but I still had no idea what was going on.

In late high school I visited my then boyfriend Spencer in Gladewater, Texas whose family were Jehovah's Witnesses. Being open minded, I went to one of their meetings. This failed to insire me wrt xianity. I had also been to my second best friend's bat mitzvah, continuing failing to influence me even with that.

When I turned 18 I determined I was old enough to declare my own beliefs so declared I was Atheist, though I had openly declared Agnostic on Facebook and the like the year before. I took an Ethics course to figure what I was doing out and to see what various ethicists thought so I could outright declare I was an Atheist.

That was only for a couple of months. In January 2008, spring of my freshman year at West Chester University, I had a car accident, breaking my left femur. The accident only strengthened my Atheism, much as the catholics and protestants hoped it would convert me to one of their faiths. I don't know why the protestants at the hospital/rehabilitation centre tried to convert me. I think the only hope for any kind of xianity would be catholicism again. Nah, no, thank you very much. After I got back to my computer I openly declared being an Atheist.

In the beginning of April 2009 I wrote my ScriptFrenzy script titled “Alice the Atheist”, having Alice sing “I'm an Atheist and I'm Okay”. I keep musing to myself whenever I'm unsure or scared the lyrics “I'm an Atheist and I'm okay” to the tune of the Monty Python Lumberjack song. (If you really want the second line, it's “I type all night and I sleep all day!” but I'm hesitant to imply Atheists are nocturnal…) I'm right now trying to establish a Freethinking club at my university. I felt encouraged since there are muslim, catholic, protestant and jewish clubs there too. What , then, of N/A? Of Atheist? I don't want to scare people off by using the A word so I call it Freethinking which garnered support even from the catholic mother who mused “That's what college is for! Free thinking!”

Currently, I'm on p186 of “The God Delusion” of which I greatly approve. I purchased a copy midway through the library's copy. I like having my own copy to write in, even if ipso facto I haven't written anything in it yet. It's also handy to have as a reference to all the weblinks and other books. Thinking of weblinks, I absolutely adore PZ Myers and his Pharyngula. It's not that TGD converted me, I converted at age 18 when I was officially no longer labelled as a “child” in this American culture I grew up in.

Claire Binkley, a proud unafraid Atheist

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