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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins, I am one of those people of the middle ground who was a mass going Irish catholic who just went along without giving religion too much thought. There was always a little doubt in my mind about the existence of God. Reading The Selfish Gene really opened my eyes. It was 2007 when I read it and was amazed that it was published in 1976. If only I came across it sooner as I know it would have made me do some things in my life differently. The God Delusion is a great read and put to bed any doubt that I had about relegion along with all the footage on Youtube. I am always very impressed with the way you handle interviews and debates. I have learned so much from watching and more importantly listening to you. The biggest compliment I can pay you is that like Darwin you are a gentleman. I intend to read all your books. Looking forward to The Greatest Show On Earth. You have giving me the confidence to call myself an Atheist even if it took me untill age 46 to realise it. Thank you James Byrne


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