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Jan 30, 2013

Well, I couldn't help writing you to thank you for the support I've been having by reading “The god delusion”…I'm a Brazilian doctor, child to a couple of Chilean, and (as you can imagine) my hole life I've been disgustingly indoctrinated by my parents, my teachers (in a school barely owned by the catholic church), and all the society. I don't know where I found refuge from all of that, but I always insisted on pointing out incongruences when we had “religion tests”. Well, I always sensed that all of that was'nt suited to me, but I had a strong sense that one MUST believe in something, and I kind of wandered around, chasing some faith that did suit to me…with no results. The others' religions (which are plenty here in Brazil – Afro-American religions, Bhuddism, Islamism, Spiritism, dozens of Chrisitan interpretations) seemed to me even more ridiculous than “my own”. By that time, taken by despair by having no answer to the question “What's your Religion?” Then, totally by chance, I found the word “Agnostic”. And someone had even smoothed it adding “Theistic” ahead. Now I see how coward that was from me, but well, that's what I dared saying back then. I used it like a “shut up” sticker on my front.
And that worked for a while. But not for me, indeed. Many years passed since then. During that time I discovered the beauty of Science. How elegantly things are explained and tested, and researched, for our race to try another step forward


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