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Jan 30, 2013

Hi, you guys from Convert's Corner.
I just wanted to express how grateful I am for having read (some of) Dawkins' books, which kinda gave me the starting thoughts to get rid of religion (and any other superstitions or magical beliefs). In fact, I first thought about the non-existence of god when I was about ten years old, but my family's really deep into the Catholic church and all, so i was scared to “leave” that world, but then, I got this magazine with the cover like “Has Science killed God?” or something like that. I thought it was interesting, so I picked it up and started reading. I found it really interesting and got interested in all this atheism stuff. At the end there were some atheist book reviews, and between them, The God Delusion and some from Sam Harris. So i went to the book shop and bought The God Delusion. Having read it, I'm now proud to say im a proud atheist. At the beginning, I was mostly interested in reading about how irrational religion is, and about how I don't need it for anything in my life. But then I got interested in the darwinian evolution, like, its accuracy to describe how logically the whole process happened (and happens), and stuff like that. I know i really don't describe how this all happened very well, but i just wanted to say thanks for helping me live my life in a full, productive way.
Carlos, from Brazil.

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