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Jan 30, 2013

Hi. My name is Brian and I'm 24 years old.

I was a Christian until I was 22, when I started calling myself an agnostic. My mother was a very devout Christian and raised me as a fundamentalist. I went to church every Sunday, spent a lot of time with youth groups, went to a lot of retreats, etc. Christ was a huge part of my life. At that time, life without him was inconceivable for me.

I always had doubts, though. Even when my faith was at its strongest when I was 20 and 21, there were aspects of my religion that bugged me. I'm a rational thinker (something I get from my father, who is and always has been an atheist), which often made believing the Bible difficult. I rejected the theory of evolution despite understanding it and seeing its validity, simply because it didn't fit in with my worldview. The Bible says God created the world in seven days, so that's what happened.

Well, I started skipping church once my mom stopped making me go. I still read my Bible and tried to keep my faith, but it was falling apart. Then my mom died. As sad as it was, it freed my mind more than anything ever had in my life. I realized my religion revolved around my mother more than it did God. But I still wasn't ready to make a ruling on whether or not God existed.

In March, I started going to YouTube a lot and found TheAmazingAtheist's channel pretty quickly. I instantly liked the guy, both for his wit and his logic. After watching a few of his videos in which he challenged Christians and refuted their arguments, I came to the conclusion that God isn't necessary for life, and, therefore, not necessary at all.

Now, I'm 100% atheist and humanist. I believe in humanity, not God

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