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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,
I am 19 years old, and this is my story. I was born into a family of moderate Muslims but at the age of 16; something very odd happend. I had just woken up one day and I was stricken by laughter of “life after death”. Due to my age, I was very curious about philosophy and politics. National-socialism, Fascism and Communism were the subjects that I found most interesting. They have such a strong impact on modern day society, so i wanted to read more. As more deeper i studied fascism, the similarities between religion were reaching each other so much more.
– The almighty leadership
– The Prioritizing of People and Race(The national people = believers) (the inferior people= infields)
– How the leader is all loving, yet such a cruel being to others.
– Punishments, Cruelty, War and so on.
I wound call myself an Atheist. Because the word atheist means you dont believe in god; and yet there are hundreds of religions without any type of gods. Politics is where i find all logic. Even thou I've embraced evolution as the source of life and earth, it still isn't a philosophy on how to live your life. Politics fills that hole, and Socialism is that filler for me.

But back to the Life after death thingy. The thought that if you don't obey this almighty mans order, will lead you into hell; Is just plain stupid and goofy. As being a teenager and how rebellion is in my nature.
What's wrong with hell?
– Eternal Torture? Nope…. Spending time with Mormons and dinner with Jesus sounds like eternal torture to me.
– Fire? I've always rather much liked the heat and sun.
– The cruel people there? I'm still pretty much a young lad, pornstars and famous rockstars are kinda like my idols for the moment. It would be an honor to meet them….. You can't forget the vikings, ancient Persians, ancient Greeks, Aztecs, huns, Nazis, Romans and many more wonderful and ancient cultures will be there, why miss out on a chance to meet all these amazing groups.

I am sure I'll met all my friends and family in hell, so why would i go to heaven? It would be like a cocktail party, but you dont know anyone there.

Blasphemy is a sin, committed everyday and by everyone without most people even noticing, and its a unforgivable sin, so that's why i assume everyone i know is there.

I really dont have a reason why religion seems so stupid to me, It just does. If i would make a list of “the worst things society has ever seen” Religion would win so damn bad. Much worse, than national-socialism, AIDS/HIV, POP-music and commercialism.

I would like to apologize in advance, for my post. I do realise it isn't really a good post but i could sum up why i dont believe with only 6 words ;”because I've got a brain”

Goodbye, sincerely A.N


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