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Jan 30, 2013

I am a student of Science who found himself distancing from Religion around the same time that I began to study Darwinism and Science in general. I have been a victim of Religious “Child Abuse,” as some call it. I was unwillingly placed in a religious school and was beaten by my father when I tried to argue a case of the purpose of creation with him. Over time I have lost my father as he has disowned me in a way. I feel he is completely justified to do so based on his religious beliefs-because thats what it teaches. Moreover I feel that this abuse has ramifications that linger on inside of me and has scarred me almost permanently. I feel my talents and full potential has been curtailed by Religious upbringing and I feel regretful I was ever born to parents that were so brainwashed. In fact I don't blame my father as much for his religious beliefs as I do for his lack of seeking enlightenment after being given a chance to come to this great country where he could pursue such an activity. How does one deal with the effects of abuse after they have escaped from it? I would also like to add that when it comes to judging or commenting on a peoples for holding particular notions, it is important to keep in mind the importance of judging people individually as units responsible for their actions given their background and understanding at the time. We cannot blame our ancestor for worshiping a spring which gave him water rather than trying to figure out that spring actually comes from a lake a little further up the cliff face. With this, what im implying is that the notion that we should reject all religions because their “logic” doesn't make sense to us now is unscientific. What science tells us is not that there cannot be a god but rather that the universe is so complicated that ANYTHING is possible (multiple universes for example). I guess the ultimate “proof” of these “dead religions,” as i like to call them, was given to the peoples at the time and we shall never know it. But then again, in Islam at least, I do understand that the generations of latter times (including us) as the prophet reffed to them would not be as responsible as generation one. Studying the life story of the “prophets” in their contextual, historical background in some books does make sense to me. Finally, the figure in all of this i blame most is GOD. Why is he playing hide-and-seek with humans about events which might have grave consequences for the unbelievers, namely, life after death and I guess until science can answer this question no one will be ready to reject their religion.


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