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Jan 30, 2013

I am a fifteen year old from middle Tennessee and live in the so called,'bible belt'. My dads a conservative christian and my mom who lives in Arizona is agnostic. Ever since I was three I would love to watch shows on animals and other biological phonemons that are clearly examined on this earth. So last October(2008) while visiting my mom we decided to go see Bill Mahers excellent film 'Religulous'. I was was blown away and realized my hell fearing christian stance was irrational and just flat out ridiculous. I was an agnostic for four months. Within that period of time I decided to buy your book Mr. Dawkins after hearing some interesting things about you and your clever arguments against the likelihood of a god(s). So I picked up a copy of your book from our local Borders in Franklin, TN. I found the length of the book to be a bit overwhelming but once I read the first sentence I was hooked. I'm very heavily into evolution and know probably an equal amount to biologist if not more or less depending on the individual. But after reading your book I bought Hitchens book,''god is not great'' which I'm sure you've read but I cannot be fully sure and enjoyed just as much. Then I bought Hitchens anthology of Atheistic and Agnostic texts called,'' The portable atheist.'' To me it's like a Christian devotional without all the ridiculous claims and outrageous uncertainities they offer. I am a devout Atheist at a 6 so not 100% devout but it's all good. Mr. Dawkins you and many other insationable intellectuals have opened my mind and allowed to ecscape the box of religion and has officiallymade me a critical thinker. Thank you Mr. Dawkins and I look forward too hearing and seeing more of your lectures and digging deeper into your book collection. Also you and Krauss were fantastic in Arizona last March.

– From Chris Thomas
A defender of science and the essential importance of intellect


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