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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I am a teenager that was raised a Christian. At first I, like many, was taught that God created everything in six days, however when I was eight year old I did some amount of research and determined such beliefs to be stupid and ignorant not only on an evidence based front, but also in the realm of Christian theology. After several years, I had a teacher who claimed to teach biology, but taught ideas proven false often times hundreds of times before. On many of his points I delivered articles to him proving his position to be ludicrous. Prior to these events, I had heard of you and read several clippings of your works, but not many times. Shortly after the class ended I remembered a section of The Selfish Gene that I had read, and decided to read the book. Your book and the theory within fixed for me the few problems I had previously had with evolution and left me with no use for a god of any sort. I wish to thank you greatly for this as even in the few months I have been free of religion I have felt better with regards to my life, lived more morally, and have gained a much greater understanding of a great many subjects. Once again I wish to thank you so much for freeing me of what was my greatest hindrance.

Thank you,
E. Brown

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