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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for clearly explaining and laying out the arguments against religion and for atheism. I was raised Roman Catholic, became an Evangelical Christian, have many friends of both religions, and a few Mormons too. Over the years, I've teetered between strong faith and a sort of disillusionment with religions, in general. I felt guilty for many things more often than I could ever hope to count, because of their 'sinful' nature. I've also had experiences where I've convinced myself that I truly felt a sort of supernatural presence. However, even at those times, I was skeptical of the sincerity of those experiences. I also wondered if I was the only person with those sort of doubts. One of the biggest hurdles that prevented me from leaving religion openly was a distaste of the evolutionary theory, probably from a basic misunderstanding of its nature. Combining with what I have studied of the sciences, your writings on evolution have helped me to understand how small mutations, repeated over geological scales of time, can lead to the world we live in today. I understand that these ideas aren't all your own. However, you have cast a light upon them that I am truly grateful for. With the understanding that you've surely heard many stories more compelling than my own, I will conclude my thoughts. Again, I wanted to say thank you for showing me the merits of 'deconversion.'

-Best wishes,

-Brian Roche (Burnsville, MN, USA)


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