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Jan 30, 2013


Hello…I was raised next door to an Anglican church in Barbados. I went to church every week; I even attended the other events at church. My whole family are very religious to the core. My wife of 15 years is/ was very religious. I guess I was too. I would read the bible daily and would also read many so-called writing by theologians. Some of the events and stories just did not make sense…I mean they just started to seem imagined. Then one day when I started asking myself some questions: Could men have made up these stories? Would a god kill and have others kill in his name? Would a god that is no respect of person; choose a favorite people? Would a loving god give a doctrine that have so many interpretations? Does a god have to communicate to people through a book? Could there have been a virgin birth? Would god want you to leave your family? Would a loving god sentence anyone to eternal flames? Why would most of the great men of god be some of the worst people? There are many more but you get the point. Then I started to look at the manifestation of the belief on the body of believers. That literally scared me because what I saw was a false belief. I saw that they did not truly did not believe what they said they believed. The Muslims are willing to die for what they believe…are Christians? When I look at the history of religion and it's leaders…I see myopic, misogynistic, ego driven hypocrites and even murderers. This is in the old church as well as the new world order of churches. The breaking point for me was the hearing from god ruse. In the Hebrew text many prophets heard from god about talking land and killing in his name. Even in the Greek text it speaks of wars and killing in god's name also. Are there two separate gods? one good and one bad? I heard people say god told me to build a church, he told me to gather the people, he told me to preach this sermon, he even told me what do buy…the same as the people of the Hebrew text. There was a guy recently the cut his right arm off and said, “god told him to do it.” Many people came out and said he was crazy. What makes what he did any different than the other believers that hear from god? In my opinion–nothing! So in conclusion, it has been a process…a learning process. I think Abe Lincoln had it right when he said, “It will not do to investigate the subject of religion too closely, as it is apt to lead to infidelity.” I did such and that's where it led, but I am now living life to the fullest not expecting another. Valuing my family, my friends, and all things around me. Not saying that I could not do this before but now my family is most important.


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