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Jan 30, 2013

As a child growing in a christian home, going to a christian church, and forced to go to a christian school I considered myself a “Christian”. I was told that the reason God existed was because of “miracles” like the body, the sun or whatever. Even as a child I was always rebellious of my upbringing and questioned religion, I didn't consider the body as an evidence of God.. The body has a reasonable logical explanation for how it works. When I was in 7th grade, during science class (I was still and am in christian school) my teacher told us to wright why we believed in creation over evolution. In mine I said that God was cruel and thinks murder is fine if you do it as a flood, and that natural process is an answer of life and has all the evidence while creation has no evidence. My grade on that paper was a 20%, I had to visit the principles office, I had to spend lunches with the teachers and my mom was so embarrassed of me.

At the age of 14 I was in 8th grade and I was told for bible class to wright my testimony. I confronted my teacher and asked in a nice tone “I think I am having problems with my faith and am going through a rough time and the testimony I right will probably not be from a 100% christian standpoint”. He replied “well that will effect your grade”. I wrote basically what I believed, that creation has no evidence and it does not deserve to be believed in, this of course was the “what you believe in” section considering it was a life “testimony”.

I decided that I never believed in Christianity and think that it was cruel for my mom to make me, it was damaging and took me years to get it out of my disease. Religion is a virus and Christians goal is to prolong the virus as long as possible till you have no logic.

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