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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

It is to my ABSOLUTE pleasure that for the first time i am publicly expressing my newfound (thanks to you) more aggressive attitude on the fact that i do not believe in god. I am a 15 year old Australian who is very tired of seeing what you have to go through in interviews. Obviously the Christians like Bill O'reilly don't know what they're up against when they use the same arguments about Hitler, Stalin and the strength of emotions over and over again. Your lectures are phenomenal. they explain things exactly, yet people who show no evidence for obvious lies get annoyed when you show no evidence for obvious fact and rhetorical questions for which evidence is unnecessary. Although i have never really been religious since i was about seven, it was only towards the end of last year when my inability to believe in god was changed from a strange and hazy mystery into an explanation as to why. It's so simple- it's a stone-aged lie.

Yours TRULY, Anonymous

Brisbane, Queensland


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