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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I was always skeptical of religious superstition, but it wasn't until I came across your Militant Atheism speech that my atheism has taken shape. You have given me the language, the colors, the tools to take my thoughts about the truth and life to a different level. It is to you whom I am grateful for this.
I grew up as a Sunni Muslim, or rather my society has given me that label. I tried to be a good Muslim, but failed, luckily. I have always detected the lies and the illogic in it. I was just afraid of losing friends, family and the simple happy life I had. That is exactly why your Militant Atheism speech was a wake up call for me.
I dispise religion now for it made me hate myself. As a homosexual, my needs and thoughts clashed. I sincerely tried to be a good Muslim, and for that I had to give up something very precious. I hated myself and naively believed that I was sick and needed “fixing”. God offered no explanation, no justification. He simply hated homosexuality yet he is its creator. I saw the myriad of fallacies and illogic in the reasoning of the almighty and finally realized that his Light is just too bright for me. I started, for the first time, actually, God forbids, loving myself.
Thanks to you Mr. dawkins, I am now determined to fight faith and expose religion and show how it has hijacked our deepest desires to be good.

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