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Jan 30, 2013

Hi there dear Richard!
All though I have never regarded myself as being a real christian, I was never convinced of the fact that there is (probably) no God; I guess I also did qualify for your category of those who have faith in the faith. After reading The God Delusion at the vulcan beaches of Santorini this summer there is virtually no room for doubts anymore. I´ve also just finished The Selfish Gene and that contributed a lot.

Thanks a lot for these fantastic and clarifying books; they certainly changed my view on life, and therefor my life as it is and “evolves” – I´m very happy for it!

Therefore, all though it might mean that I´m being “over the top” personal at to long of a distance, I regard you as a dear dear friend!

I just can´t wait for The Greatest Show on Earth!

Below is by the way my translated review of The God Delusion, as it was posted and issued by the biggest bookseller store in Norway, the Norli Bookstore. … em=4981004

“Richard Dawkins is one of the world's most respected and possibly (amongst religious people) most hated scientists. He is, like most in his “industry”, darwinist, in addition, he is a declared atheist, humanist and skeptic. His proposal that he will add the flat and immediately accept a divine creation, if it is presented something even close to scientific evidence of such existence, literally takes the wind out of all creationists and supporters of “intelligent design” that in the absence of credible and rational arguments claims that Dawkins himself is a fundamentalist.

“The difference between me and a fundamentalist is that my “faith” is based on irrefutable scientific facts, the religious fundamentalist is based on his faith and has since been unwavering, no matter what had to be presented by the evidence of the contrary”, says Dawkins with high credibility. “The God Delusion” is a rhetorical masterpiece, and what an abundance of arguments Dawkins here have to frolic in and with! This book should be read by all who consider themselves to have an open mind and also of the religious who dares to see their religion in this relentless critical and at times very revealing light.

The book is very critical of religion in general, and Islam, Judaism and Christianity in particular. Dawkins' assessment of the religious use of hell to scare people and especially children to “devotion” can give anyone who has the ability to skeptical thinking, the creeps. A more widespread, and even in many ways socially accepted form of child abuse can hardly be imagined. The book contains many very clarifying and simple images of amazing aspects of religion; some of them are kept in the humorous description of all this self-righteousness; very often reaching the peak of absurd heights. Catholicism and its use of indulgence to get through purgatory on the right side is a highlight in this respect (price pr. day for reduced stay in this “crossroads” on the way to heaven/hell is determined by the Pope!).

Another highlight is where Dawkins mocks around with key points in the foundation of Christian faith, set against what is claimed to be true in a (according to Christian's opinion) the very obscure beliefs of a tribe in Africa. “The God Delusion” add conditions for both smile and laugh, but is deeply serious in its intent: to show that people's faith, though so strong, is not synonymous neither with the existence of God nor that religion is true, and that this belief on the contrary, proved well throughout history, have led to so much suffering that people should reconsider carefully before they confess to it. Whether it involves a marginal sect or some of the largest religions, as we know them worldwide. Read and become enlightened!”

With friendly regards
Hans-Petter Halvorsen


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