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Jan 30, 2013

My name is Michael, Over my 40 years I have searched for a faith that would make since to me, and last past the beginning “Honeymoon stage.” I have been Baptist, Catholic, Celtic Witch, Buddhist, Satanist, Studied Shamanism & Druidism. All have aspects I keep with me, And I hold dear the philosophy of Buddhism & With the Druidism & Celtic History reminds me of my bloodline from the U.S. back to Scotland.
But when It came to faith in God or God's I just could not hold on to that blind faith, I could not make my mind believe in something I thought did not make since, I never really thought about being Atheist tell I came across a video of you debating someone on youtube. What you said made since to me, and you seemed so passionate about your convection's.
At first the big fear was the thought of no afterlife, But it does make you look at the world with new eyes, I hold my wife & kids a little closer, I spend more time with the people I love, because this is it. Knowing we only have one go makes this life mean so much more.
I wish you all the best.
Much respect & thanks.
Michael Pearson.
Texas, USA.

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