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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

I am not a 'convert' I was fortunate enough to have been brought up in an English working class family where reason and free thinking were ideals that were to be cherished. My father (an atheist incidentally) believed that children should not be told what to think about matters of religeon, but never pushed an atheist agenda either. I was encouraged to question and to look at the available evidence to form my own thoughts. I was allowed to grow up before making my own mind up about religeon. A lucky childhood indeed I would suggest.

I write to you now to thank you for giving me evidence to base my answers to the most idiotic of religeous claims which I delight in using when debating with a certain religeous organisation who from time to time must fancy a a bit of a challenge and knock my door for a debate about “have I ever wondered how beautiful god's world is?”. I have to confess to 'stealing' some of the quotes that you use in the 'God Delusion'!

Your elequent, evidenced. rational arguments are a joy to read/watch, and you have inspired me to learn about the amazing wonders of nature (without the need for fairies!) and how their existance can be accounted for by the fact of evolution by means of natural selection. The evidence for which I have just finished reading in your new book and I have to say is a little more than compelling!

Keep up the good work you wear the title of Darwin's Rottweiler well.

You are always welcome at my home for a cup of tea sand a slice of cake should you be passing!

Yours Sincerely, and thank you again.
Dave Hadley

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