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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,
I was a fundamentalist Christian until I read The God Delusion. Now I am an atheist
(just kidding! You'd love that, wouldn't you?). I had converted to Christianity after reading C.S.Lewis' Mere Christianity. I attended a bible college for two years and dropped out because I lost my faith. The professors could not give satisfying answers to my 'hard questions' (Praying is just thinking, isn't it? Was Yahweh surprised when Adam ate the fruit? Where did God come from?)” I became a student of Buddhism, but eventually saw no need for that path either. I was an agnostic by the time I picked up The God Delusion. You confirmed in my mind that religions are harmful, not helpful to humanity. Now reason is my rock. These days whenever I feel lost, instead of praying to an invisible friend I can breath a satisfied sigh and say “we can't know all the answers”. I guess I am still an agnostic. Who can be certain there is no God? Certainly the named ones are imaginary (Yahweh, Allah, Krishna). That children's debate is resolved. And Darwin has explained the origins of species. But I have heard no satisfactory explanation for the first cause for life or the universe. This is a point of confusion. As rational being, if I must choose between two explanations – both of which require faith; “God made it” or “Science will give us all the answers” – unlike Pascal I am going to err on the side of scientific inquiry rather than kiss that jealous hothead Yahweh's ass just so I can get to heaven rather than hell. I discovered that escape from religious bondage IS Heaven!

Edward Woelke
South Korea

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