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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Richard,

You will burn for everything you have done! By “You will burn” I mean, of course, “Thank you very much.”

I am only writing this because it promises to be therapeutic.

The specious worldview I grew up with wasn't a matter of faith. It was an assumption of everyday life akin to the assumption that after my present exhale of gasses and water vapor, I will indeed proceed to inhale oxygen-rich air once more.

I have befuddled myself in attempting to be reflexive. Simply put– at present I don't feel as cornered or coerced as I did when I first started to see the elegant beauty of evolution. At times now passed I wanted naught but to chastise friends and family in the harshest language possible for telling me such harmful lies.

But I am a student in America. Despite taking huge student loans, I am still wholly dependent in my last three years of six on my father who is a Lutheran Minister.

A lot of irony could be brought into this brief email. At present I find I have many more pressing problems in life than the woefully depressing narrative of religion. It is all rubbish.

The most valuable thing you have taught me is that there are people in the world who think rationally, reason justly and don't live in subjugation to superstition. That knowledge alone makes me feel, at times, quite a bit better.

-Stephen “the onus of proof is not on me” H

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