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Jan 30, 2013

I suspect that Richard would be intimately familiar with my 'Road to Damascus’ being as it was the 8:15 am from Oxford to London Paddington. I finished reading 'Climbing Mount Improbable’ just before entering Sonning Cutting on a bright sunny autumn morning. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. One of Douglas Adams’ quotes: "Well that about wraps it up for God" slipped effortlessly into my mind.

I had drifted away from 'the church’ because it didn’t really fit with my life, but always felt a guilt as if I was going to be put on report by some cosmic Headmaster. However as I finished reading your book, I realized – no job for a creator, no job for a supreme being and no more guilt.

I took me a few more years (and some more of Richards books) before I came across the Brights and had a similar 'ahhhh’. I have never been comfortable describing myself as an Atheist. Having a label I was comfortable with was another weight off my shoulders.

I now look forward to guiding my two lovely daughters to a life of reason and scientific method for wherever their lives take them.

Iain Mason.

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