Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(1168)

Jan 30, 2013

While you seem to have accrued plenty of testimonials already, I'm so
overjoyed about my own conversion that I'd like add it to the list anyway!

I was raised in a conservative Christian home that was a strange mixture
of blind faith and critical thought–both of my parents are highly
intelligent people who have somehow managed to blind themselves to
religion's shortcomings. I was homeschooled until high school with nearly
the most conservative curriculum available(the lineup included a few gems
from the Bob Jones University Press). I was then handed off to a private
Christian high school, where I was spoon-fed the same worldview. I
believed it the whole while through: I attended church at least once a
week, prayed regularly, and felt assured that the Bible was the inerrant
word of God. Looking back, I'm surprised that I ever saw the light, let
alone turned out to be socially well-adjusted.

Then, in a pivotal moment, I chose to attend an academically rigorous yet
liberal school (Berkeley, horror of horrors) over a private Christian
school that offered me a huge bundle of money to attend.

It is not until now, in my fourth and final year in college, that I
finally can say (at least to myself) that I do not believe in God, and
feel blissfully relieved. I tried everything in the first three years to
revive my faltering faith–church attendance, on-campus groups, even a
brief stint in church leadership. But my mind would not be satisfied with
vague reassurances that “God works in mysterious ways,” and after
extensive research that included reading “The God Delusion,” my eyes are
finally opened. I know that my parents will be heartbroken when they hear
the news, but I can no longer pretend to believe something that I now
realize is so patently false.

I would like to extend a very personal thank-you to you, Richard, for
saving me from throwing away any more of my precious time on superstition.
Life is too wonderful to waste.


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