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Jan 30, 2013


I'm 19 years of age and from Ireland, I've grown up atheist so I can't really claim to be a convert. I went to church when I was growing up but from the age of about five I never really swallowed the Christian medicine and I don't think my parents really did either. My message to you is that I'm a person who thinks relentlessly about issues and formulate arguments in my head constantly about all types of moral questions until I can come up with a stance on them (something I'm pretty sure all rationalists do) but I have never really been able to convey my beliefs to people who have asked me about them, that's until I read 'The God Delusion'. It rounded my ideas and helped convince me of the arguments I have been making for years in debate and I want to thank you for that. We have the privilege of being European, where it isn't a social crime to identify yourself as atheist or agnostic and that's because of the great thinkers who were given the chance to make their arguments over the past two hundred years -I see you as one of them and I think that you may be able to start the ball of rationalism rolling in America with your arguments, you've helped me have so many great conversations.


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