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Jan 30, 2013

Hello Professor Dawkins,

I am 39 and was born into the house of a preacher and fundamentalist ideas. As a former creationist, I too believed in god (note the decapitalization), young earth, and bible literalism. In elementary school I was introduced to science and fell in love with it. However, when biology was forced upon my religious ideals in high school I failed my exams and would not take part in class because “evolution is evil” and so forth. I went on to fail and drop biology 4 more times until I finally passed it and then went on to college and earned a degree in biology. Of course, during that time my views on fundamentalism were in a state of decay and I had fully accepted evolution. Always under the assumption that there was a god, I struggled with philisophical problems with how certain phenomenon in nature could be true… and how the bible could also be true. For instance, when god put the rainbow as a promise to Noah that there would never be a flood (which day did god actually change the laws of optical physics?) or why would god deceive us by putting stars several millions or billions of light years away (yet the world is only 6,000 yrs old so how did the light reach us already?)

About and a half ago, I went to a church seeking honest answers. I went to bible studies and challenged the principles and belief system, and at the same time read The God Delusion. At that point, I felt satisfied that there is almost certainly no god.

I would like to thank you for writing a clearly stated, well defined, and literature supported book that helped to open my eyes. I am now a full athiest. Furthermore, I am now a high school science teacher and full heartedly appreciate your support and defence of my profession as well as equipping us with the tools to fight locally. Your new book “The Greatest Show on Earth” is fantastic!

Best Regards,

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