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Jan 30, 2013

Prof. Dawkins,

I, like too many other young people in America, was brought up sheltered from secular society in faith schools and homeschool. I had never been a pious believer, as I dreaded church and prayer, but still managed to convince myself I was certain that Yahwe was real. Shortly before my deconversion, I was a radical bible conspiracy theorist, and that was the only time I had any large amount of blind belief.

In spring of 2007, I got high speed internet. In fall of 2007, I began to try to justify my Christian beliefs rationally. I wasn't satisfied with faith any more now that I knew people online who completely rejected Christianity. I began to do research into proof of creationism.

Needless to say, I was completely unable to rationalize my beliefs after seeing both sides of the argument. I had a traumatic day of begging for proof in prayer. The next day I was a deist. The third day, I was an atheist.

About a week after deconversion, I broke the news to my parents. They took it fairly well, and while they were pretty shocked and upset, they never did anything about it. Time goes on, and this fall 2009 my dad identifies as an atheist and my mom is interested in your new book, The Greatest Show on Earth.

I have you to thank directly for helping me see the truth, as the first (and strongest) counter-arguments that I heard on internet video were from your Liberty University speech. Strong words from a brilliant man.

Sean, age 19.

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