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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,

I have to tell you that you were right in saying that reading the God Delusion will convert some people. Me and my wife were nervous about reading this book at first. We discussed it for about two weeks and then again for a week. We said “If we really have the 'truth' then this book will help us to show people the reasons for that truth!”
To give some background about my family I will have to tell you that we were extreme fundamentalist, we were Jehovah's Witnesses. Technically we still are, but since our family is still trapped in this religion, we cannot even say that we do not “believe” openly for all to know. You see, in the JW religion they are told that anyone teaching or rejecting biblical teachings should not even be considered as adequate enough to eat with. We would be shunned by our family and any “friends” aquired in the Kingdom Hall, as it is called. In this state anything that we would say to them would be immediately rejected as teachings of the devil. We would be called “apostate” and would not be able to get close enough, even to our immediate family, to reason with them.
Speaking for my family, we are all grateful to you for your lifes work. You “saved” us as they say, but only you really did save us! I now see why you do what you do. I now cannot see how I actually believed all of this time without questioning anything.
From reading The Selfish Gene, The God Delusion, and now reading The Greatest Show on Earth you have given me the same motivation as you, to “elevate consciousness”.
For some good news, from talking to my sister and brothers (4) they seem to be on the right track now. I still need to work on my mother, and my wifes family I am not too confident about, but we will see. I know that your teachings as both the mouthpiece of Darwin and destroyer of the fallacies of religion (sounded cool) future generations will benefit from your hard work. Thank you very much!

B. Ruggiero and Family


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