Converts, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(1199)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I wanted to write you and thank you for the work you do. I have been in and out of christianity all my life and just recently gave up religion for good. The doubts were already there, even when I did go to church I never really felt comfortable. When I prayed, it always seemed I was just speaking to myself as someone who was crazy would do. I finally sat down and read a couple of your books including The God Delusion and decided it was time to let go of the fairy tales and grow up. I have since converted my wife and we are much happier now. We have purged our house of all religious books and now I am working on collecting all of your books. Again, thank you for what you do and have a wondeful day.
Eric Richey

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