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Jan 30, 2013

I never thought I'd commit to anything until I started reading Richard's books. I scan these convertscorner letters and see in every one, a bit of my own experience. I'm still not sure how to characterize the experience as it pertains to myself, other than a just-beginning sense of actually going outside that very self, not having a self at all. I imagine that when you fully see what evolution is doing, the way it works, the seeing renders the self non-existent and eliminates the need for the ultimate self that the ever-changing, replicating(?) self thinks it depends upon … God. To characterize the experience, some kind of fresh language is needed that arises out of that selflessness. Richard seems to be in touch with that language and can convey the experience. One can only hope that this effort is the beginning of a commitment to conveying another organism's experience of realizing where if fits in the scheme of things.
Tied up in knots there, all right!
Embryonic thoughts?
Thanks for the books, Richard.
They're scrambling my brains but I think that's a good thing! Reason may yet prevail!


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