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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins I am an 18 year old Norwegian girl who's always been, what you call, “on the fence”. In my childhood, also I were, like many others, brought up to believe in God. Most likely because my mother really believed and do still believe (honestly I think she's more “on the fence” than she knows herself). I remember replying to a fellow classmate during the first years of school: “Seriously! You don't believe in God?” Like it was the most natural and obvious thing to do, a given so to speak. But at some point in my life I didn't really think of God or believed in him in any particular way. It was sort of like God just became a background figure in my perception of existence. Forgotten is maybe a more suiting word. During later years I started to take up on my childhood believes, I guess I was searching for meaning, like all of us do at some point and extent. So I started reading a book called “The Bible, in 100 pages” (that's really peculiar I think, to be able to sum it all up in a hundred pages). All I got out of it was finding myself looking like a question mark, I think I actually laughed. Then I blew dust off my bible. I have not read the whole thing, simply because I didn't need to (even if I were a believer I wouldn't bother, because it's huge, booring and ridiculous). The little I read was enough. I found myself embarassed by my own “almost christian faith”, how could one even believe in this, or any other faith for that matter? So then, I thought of myself as an agnostic. Only to rapidly discover that I was, and still am, nothing but an atheist. Thanks to your book(s), my dedicated brother and my own reasonability. Now I am content with philosophy and the “gift” of life, I'm also really caught up in my psychology studies. I feel really proud and thankful to be part of evolution, and living it, right now! My only consern in the matter of belief/non-belief, is all those people in the world who doesn't seem to get it, or in many cases, are not wanting to get it. I know how hard it is to participate in a discussion like this, even with my own mother. How then, will we be able to communicate reasonably with religious people? They don't want to listen, and they make up, in their own mind, plausible evidence against evoulution and atheism, which are not really plausible at all. My hopes is that human kind, someday, will be open to the truth and the truth only. Science is evidence, and scientists would be the first to shout: My theory was wrong, it need to be modified or exchanged with another, due to the evidence now present. Religious people just point to an outdated book, and say: “Nevertheless, there's our truth.”I find this fact rather mindblowing! I apologize for any writing errors. Sincerely, [name supplied]

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