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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Richard Dawkins:

I always thought that I was crazy because everyone in my neighborhood is either Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, or some other religion. It was not until I picked up your book “The God Delusion” that I relized I was not the only person in the world who was atheist. Sometimes I still think to myself, “How is it that people still belive in fantasy stories that were told 1900 yrs. ago”. Then at my school kids really don't care about what I think, and that's religion, politics, and philosophy. I can understand since I'm from the United States. I had an argument with a creationist about a month ago and it went something like this:

Remember I'm not trying to sound like a douche bag I'm just discussing a topic in which makes many people uncomfortable, so here it goes. as a kid my mom made me go to sunday school. I had faith and comfort in knowing that god loves me and he has a place for me when I die. though after a couple of readings of the bible I began to question it, how is this possible (supernatural events). then i realized that there is so much wrong with religion, an invisible man hating on people who are gay, people who lust for women, and people who don't believe in him. so now I'm an atheist though I'll tell you something that scares me the most, without a heaven I know there is no place for anyone in the afterlife. and the question that no one can ever answer “why are WE here, how did these universes come about” and the first answer that comes to creationist minds is “well, god created the universe” in the genesis the first line reads “god created the heavens and earth” well where was he before? It's okay to be afraid not knowing all of these questions… it's just a matter of forgetting religion and come together in peace so we can explore space together in peace… forever. I hope you uderstand what i'm telling you without thinking I'm some horrible person, though can YOU just open your mind a little bit cause it takes a person to understand atheism though it takes a bigger person to be one.

See professor Dawkins to me the meaning of the life is to do whatever makes you happy in life, sort of like some nirvana bullshit. The only thing in life that makes me happy is to write and direct movies so hopefully with my education I can make movies which makes teenagers think about the movie. Not just to stare at the screen and watch car transform or vampires sparkle give me a fucking break. The only thing I can do for now is hope that I will awake from my dreams in my sleep tonight. Thank YOU professor for opening a window of fresh air.

Edward Gonzalez
Young Philosopher/ Writter

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