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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I have been reading numerous books on religion, ranging from Scriptures of the Abrahamic Religions to more loosely defined spirituality 'guides’, in an effort to gain a broad understanding of the religious. I have seen many, many arguments for and against the existence of god. Your clarifications on the profound implications of Darwinism in religion have truly been an awakening in my understanding of the natural world.

Like many others, I understood the basics of Darwinism. I knew of its power, along side others such as geology, to overcome the creationists when it came to young-earth but I had never really thought about it in depth enough to gain, or expand, the understanding to that on which you write.

Thank you, Sir, for taking a side step in your writings to confront religion in The God Delusion and in subsequent debates and lectures. Like you, this insight has allowed me to shed the last doubts I had on the matter. While I will continue to remain open to the possibility of new arguments for religion, I can shelve my New Testament along side the Iliad and other great works of fiction by ancient man.

Thank you
D Spalla
Washington, D.C.

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